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2023 Champions

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Prior Champions


HIGH SCHOOL Boys National:  Quality Education (NC)

HIGH SCHOOL Boys Signature:  New Garden Friends (NC)

Collegiate Prep:   Tennessee Prep (TN)

Girls:  Legacy Charter (SC)

Boys JV:  Mount Zion (NC)

Boys Middle School:   The Point College Prep (NC)


HIGH SCHOOL Boys National:  Trinity College (SC)

Signature Series:  Quality Education (NC)

Collegiate Prep:  Flight 22 Elite (NC)

Collegiate Prep West:  Southside CC  (VA)

Girls:  Legacy Early College (SC)

North Myrtle Beach Challenge:  Legion Collegiate (SC)


HIGH SCHOOL Boys National:  Legacy Early College (SC)

Signature Series:  HA Prep Academy NC 

PREP Millennium:  Florida Coastal Prep (FL)

PREP National:  West Coast Prep (WA)

Girls:  Quality Education (NC)


HIGH SCHOOL Boys National: Piedmont Classical (NC)

Signature Series:  Word of God (NC)

PREP Millennium:  Stillwater (NC)

PREP National: Oak Leaf Prep (FL)

Girls:  National Christian (MD)

North Myrtle Beach Challenge:  National Christian (MD)

Boys Middle School:  Mount Zion Christian (NC)


HIGH SCHOOL Boys National: Legacy Early College (SC)

PREP Millennium: CBA (NC)

PREP National:  New York International (NY)

Girls:  National Christian (MD)

JV Boys:  Mount Zion (NC) 

MIDDLE SCHOOL BOYS:  National Christian (MD)


HIGH SCHOOL Boys National: Tennessee Prep (TN)

HIGH SCHOOL Boys Signature: Victory Christian (NC)

PREP Millennium:  Bull City Prep (NC)

PREP National:  Moravian Prep (NC)

PREP North Myrtle Beach Challenge:  Middle Georgia Prep (GA)

Girls:  National Christian (MD)

JV Boys: Mount Zion (NC) 


HIGH SCHOOL Boys National: Hampton Heights TN

HIGH SCHOOL Boys Signature: York Prep (SC)

PREP Signature:  The Skill Factory (GA)

PREP National:  Southside (VA)

Girls:  Hamilton Heights (TN)

JV Boys:  National Christian (MD)

JV Girls:  National Christian (MD)



HIGH SCHOOL:  Legacy Charter (SC)

PREP:  Southside (VA)

Girls:  National Christian (MD)

JV Boys:  National Christian (MD)


HIGH SCHOOL:  Word of God (NC)

PREP:  Southside (VA)

Girls:  SCORE Academy (FL)

JV:  REDA Academy (Canada)



HIGH SCHOOL : Our Savior New American (Centereach,NY)

PREP : Moravian Prep (Lenoir,NC)

Girls : Upper Room (Long Island,NY)



HIGH SCHOOL:  Our Savior New America, (Centereach, NY)

PREP:  Mount Zion Prep (Durham, NC)

Girls: Riverdale Baptist (Upper Marlboro,MD)



HIGH SCHOOL:  National Christian (Fort Washington, MD)

PREP:  Faith Baptist (Ludowici, GA)



HIGH SCHOOL:  National Christian (Fort Washington, MD)

PREP:  Body of Christ (Raleigh NC)



HIGH SCHOOL:  National Christian (Fort Washington, MD)

PREP:  Mount Zion Prep (Durham, NC)






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