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 J.Bryan Floyd Center

 1030 Possum Trot Road, North Myrtle Beach, SC


North Strand Recreation Center

120 HWY 57 South, Little River, SC





National High School Division

National Girls Division

National Prep School Division

National JV Boys Division


  • $15 daily admission

    • ages 5 and under is free


    • 3 day pass for $35

    • 2 day pass for $25

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to COVID restrictions we are unable to provide change, as such exact change will be required if cash is your method of payment.  Credit card payments will be accepted.  All major credit cards will be accepted.   




**ALL Bracket game times and site locations can be found below *** 

Thursday March 3rd

Games Held at J Bryan Center  & North Strand


Winston-Salem Christian(NC) 69 vs Legion Collegiate (SC)   68 /  5:00pm-Bryan Center /Gym 1 

Rock Creek (MD) 66  vs Quality Education (NC)  63 / 3:30pm-Bryan Center / Gym 1

Tennessee Prep (TN) 61  vs Mount Zion(NC)  65 /  12:30-Bryan Center/Gym 1

Trinity Collegiate(SC) 63 vs Piedmont Classical (NC)  57 / 2:00pm-Bryan Center/ Gym 1

*Losers of Thursday Games Move to Signature Series Bracket

   Still have a chance to win a Championship

   See Brackets Above


South Side CC (VA)  73 vs Winston-Salem Prep(NC)  84  3:30pm/-Bryan Center/Gym 2

Hosanna(NC)  83 vs Flight 22 Premier(NC)  70 7:30pm/ -Bryan Center /Gym 1

Tennessee Prep (TN)  55 vs Oak Leaf Prep (LA)  64  7:30pm/-Bryan Center/Gym 2

Flight 22 Elite (NC) 79  vs Experience Prep (TN) 65  5:00pm/-Bryan Center/Gym 2

*Losers of Thursday Games Move To National West Collegiate Bracket

   Still have a chance to win a Championship

   See Bracket Above

National Girls 

*Mount Zion(NC)  44  vs Legion Collegiate(SC) 62 12:30/  -Bryan Center/Gym 2

* Legacy Early College(SC)  61 vs Long Area I (SC)  10 6:30PM/-Bryan Center/Gym 1

*Quality Education (NC)  57 vs Long Area II (SC)  10 6:30PM/-Bryan Center /Gym 2

*National Girls Games Played On Thursday are NON_BRACKET GAMES


See Bracket Above

North Myrtle Beach Challenge

*Rock Creek Christian (MD) 66  vs Mount Zion (NC)  47   11:00am/-Bryan Center  /Gym 1 (BC)

* Legion Collegiate(SC)   59  vs Raleigh HS Hawks (NC)   52   11:00am /-Bryan Center / Gym 2 (BC)

*North Myrtle Beach Challenge Games Played On Thursday are NON_BRACKET GAMES


See Bracket Above

**Team listed first is the home team**

Friday March 4th

Games Held  J Bryan Center & North Strand

11:00am-National Girls: Legion Collegiate  21 vs Quality Education   50 /Gym 1 (BC)

11:00am-National Girls : Legacy  Early College 65 vs Mount Zion  40  /Gym 2 (BC)

12:30am-Signature Series Boys  : Semifinal/Gym 1 (BC)Tennessee Prep High 71 vs Piedmont  Classical 45

12:30am-National Collegiate West: Semifinal /Gym 2 (BC) South Side CC 64 vs Flight 22 Premiere 57

2:00pm- Signature Series Boys : Semifinal /Gym 1 (BC ) Quality Education 68 vs Legion Collegiate 65

2:00pm- National Collegiate West: Semifinal /Gym 2 (BC) Tennessee Prep 68 vs Experience Prep 59

3:30pm--National Boys Semifinals /Gym 1 (BC) Trinity 67 vs Mount Zion 55

3:30pm-National Collegiate Prep Semifinals /Gym2 (BC) Flight 22 Elite 68 vs Oak Leaf Prep 65

5:00pm-National Boys Semifinals:/Gym 1 (BC) Winston-Salem Christian 74  vs Rock Creek 72 3ot

5:00pm-National Collegiate Prep Semifinals /Gym2 (BC)  Winston-Salem Prep 82 vs Hosanna 62

6:30pm-Millennium Challenge / Lakeside Prep (TN)  73 vs Stillwater Prep (NC) 70 Gym 1

11:00am-North Myrtle Beach Challenge : Rock Creek Christian   65 vs Raleigh HS Hawks  29  (North Strand)

12:30pm--North Myrtle Beach Challenge: Legion Collegiate 62 vs Mount Zion 53 (North Strand)

**Team Listed First Home **

 Saturday March 5

Games Held  J Bryan Center & North Strand

10:00am-North Myrtle Beach Challenge 3rd Place: Gym 1/ (BC)Mount Zion (JV) 70 vs Raleigh HS Hawks 55

10:00am-National Girls 3rd Place :Gym 2/(BC)Legion Collegiate 61 vs Mount Zion 51

11:30am-National Girls Championship : Gym 1/(BC) Legacy Early College 54 vs Quality Education  28

11:30am-Signature Series Boys 3rd Place :Gym 2/ (BC)Legion Collegiate 57 vs Piedmont Classical 50

1:00pm-Signature Series Boys Championship: Gym 1/ (BC)Quality Education 64 vs Tennessee Prep 56

1:00pm-National High School Boys 3rd Place :Gym 2/(BC)Mount Zion 63 vs Rock Creek 42

2:30pm-National Collegiate Prep Championship: Gym 1/(BC)Flight 22 Elite 71 vs Winston-Salem Prep 70

2:30pm-North Myrtle Beach Championship : Gym 2/ (BC)Legion Collegiate 61 vs Rock Creek 58

4:00pm-National High School Boys Championship: Gym 1/(BC)Trinity Collegiate 63 vs Winston -Salem Christian 39

4:00pm-National Collegiate West Prep Championship :Gym 2/(BC)South Side CC 62 vs Tennessee Prep 52

12:00n--National Collegiate West Prep 3rd Place  Experience Prep 76 vs Flight 22 Premiere 73 (North Strand)

4:00pm- Lakeside Prep 60  vs Hosanna 73 (North Strand)

**Teams Listed First Home**




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